Gepost op 7-aug-2019

Crossings Advisory

Innovating Offshore Transfer

It is great to see that even companies that compete fiercely in the offshore market, can join forces when it comes to innovation. Cooperation and joint exploration is creating ripples and triggering innovation.
For us it was an honor to facilitate this offshore transfer co-innovation session and, for our colleague Harry Bruintjes​, it provided great insight into the possibilities for improvement in the current practice of offshore transfer.
A big thank you to all participants in this innovation session, who contributed actively and open, and to Offshore Boarding B.V, Yvette Ruivenkamp and Hans Ruivenkamp for having the courage to initiate this transparent, offshore industry wide discussion on innovating offshore transfer. We are looking forward to future sessions and to see the progress in the industry being made. Happy to have contributed with Allseas Engineering BV, Netherlands/India​, Van Oord​ , DEME Group​, Pts Machinery​, Enersea​, Bluestream Offshore​, DHSS​, Subsea 7 / MV Seven Borealis​, Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors NV​, FMJ GRUP​, Lloyd's Register​ and others.
To read more on the topic, see the website of Offshore Boarding at:

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